Oak firewood is a popular choice for many people who use firewood for heat and cooking. The wood is very dense, heavy and provides an excellent source for heating, barbecue, or smoking.

The oak species consists of about 600 different types of trees. The oak tree can live for 200 years and grow as tall as 100 feet.  The fruit of the oak tree is called the acorn. The trees start producing acorns when they are 20 years old. By the time the tree reaches 70-80 years old, the tree will be producing thousands of acorns.  

Oak is the workhorses of medium woods. It's our go-to wood for almost anything, imparting that distinct smoke flavor without being overpowering. Grilling/Smoking with Oak is one of the greatest advantages to cooking food over a fire, providing the unique opportunity to add a flavor that just can't be accomplished to the same degree inside a kitchen.

The first order of business is choosing the right size of wood from three basic options: chips, chunks, and logs.

Chips are scraps and shavings of wood that ignite quickly, but also burn out pretty fast. These are readily available in our store.

Chunks are usually about fist-size pieces of wood and our pick for getting things smoking. They take longer to fully ignite than chips, but burn for a good hour in a grill, and hours in a smoker.

Logs are full pieces of wood, like you would use in a fireplace or to build a campfire. These are best reserved for barbecuing in a pit or with an offset smoker.



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