Pinion wood is a popular firewood used for outdoor fireplaces. It is sometimes called the hardwood of softwoods. Even though it is technically a softwood, it is harder, more dense, and has a higher BTU than most softwoods.

The wood is also clean burning, easy to light, puts out plenty of heat, burns long and produces little ash. Pinion pine wood is claimed to be a mosquito repellent when burned. Some will burn Pinion outdoors just to keep the bugs away.

Pinyon pine is a small, slow growing tree, usually only 10-30 feet in height. The seeds are edible and important for wildlife. Native Americans used pinyon pine nuts as a staple food and today the nuts are considered a delicacy by many. The pine nuts you buy in the store are usually from pinyon pine trees.

Pinion wood comes from the pinyon pine tree, also spelled pinion or piñon. Pinyon pine trees grow in dry regions of Mexico and the southwestern United States, mainly in the high mountains of the Colorado Plateau, New Mexico, and Arizona. 




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